How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp?

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We usually hear that it is good to have at least eight glasses of water a day to maintain body needs and prevent dehydrated. Besides causing different health problems, dehydration will also lead to dry skin and scalp. When you experience the symptoms like dry flakes in hair (the cause of dry flakes occurs because skin cells are produced and shed), itchiness or even damaged, cracked skin, it’s time to pay attention on the skin and scalp healthiness.


What causes dry scalp?

Dry scalp is a skin condition and it happens when the skin of your scalp is damaged. Everyone’s skin is made up of many layers and the outer layer called stratum corneum. It is a structure of tightly packed cells like a brick wall that acts as a barrier to stop essential moisture from escaping and stop irritants and dirt and pollutants from penetrating the skin. But when it is damaged, the structure becomes broken like gaps appearing in the wall which allows water and nutrition to leak out, making skin feel tight and dry. That is then called a dry scalp and it will usually happen with dandruff at the same time. 

There are some common factors that trigger dry scalp, like weather change, especially under a cool and dry air, environmental pollution, daily diet habits, older age, medications, contact dermatitis caused by the use of hair products with the contact of scalp.


How to get rid of dry scalp?

1. Choose Gentle Shampoo and a Moisturizing Conditioner

When you have a dry scalp, first it is important to choose gentle shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner for daily use. We recommend you to wash hair every day in reducing the amount of irritant and ensure there is enough nutrient for the scalp. Shampoos containing sandalwood, tea tree, myrrh are also good for dry scalp caused dandruff by its antifungal properties.


2. Avoid Using Hair Products that contain Harsh Chemicals

If your scalp type tends to be sensitive or become dry easily, it is better to avoid using hair products that contain harsh chemicals, like bleach and alcohol, as these ingredients can dry out your scalp. Brush your hair regularly or a gentle and soft scalp massage everyday can help increasing the blood circulation on scalp, which is helpful to reduce the risk of dandruff and help scalp relaxing. You should also remember not to scratch your scalp with nails even it is itching, because it will easily cause severe pain or bleeding, or even turn into an infection.


3. Do Conditioning Treatment

One very important thing to do is a suitable conditioning treatment. A dry scalp that is not producing enough natural oil. Which is known as sebum can become a cause of hair loss, dull hairs, flaky and itchy scalp. Try giving the scalp back some of the great nourishment that it needs to stay healthy. Select the products with natural ingredients like coconut, aloe vera and avocado oil that can provide a great nourishing effect, as well as enough nutrition for scalp. 

4. Having a Good Living Habit

Lastly, it is also very important to having a good living habit. Eating too many sugary products and alcohol will cause a flaking and dry scalp, having lots of spices will trigger dandruff. You should include fatty acid and omega three in your diets which will keep skin and scalp moisturized and hydrated from both inside and outside the skin. Please also keep yourself relax. It is common that sometimes people notice when they start to take any tension or get worried, their scalp starts to get dry or even face an issue of hair fall. We suggest you can try manage stress with meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques.

When the problem of dry skin is getting worse, or the skin on your scalp looks red or swollen, it is necessary to make an appointment with a dermatologist. As the condition might be ruled out like eczema and psoriasis, which will cause similar symptoms of flaky skin.


Our recommendations

Zenz No.07 deep wood shampoo is probably the best organic dandruff shampoo. It contains essential oil derived from organic sandal wood, organic cedar wood, myrrh and organic patchouli. These essential oils help cure skin infections and prevent itching. It also has the properties of anti-inflammatory, antifungal. Hence, it can help balancing the fungus produced that triggers dandruff or itchy scalp. The shampoo also contains cold pressed aloe vera extract and avocado oil. Aloe Vera contains more than 7 well-known and important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which can help rebuild hair, increase blood flow and retain scalp moisture and regulates the acid balance. The cooling effect can sooths redness and itching which can have a good effect on scalp.

Together with the use of No.08 deep wood conditioner which contains very rich avocado oil, it can perform the best in tackling with dry and itchy scalp and by providing an excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties and effective on problem scalp and skin. It can also make hair soft and more elastic, so as to a healthy hair and scalp. 

A dry scalp leaves your hair looking lifeless and becoming brittle as the hair shafts lack the oil they require to maintain a healthy shine and provide protection from external influences. In combination with the feeling of tightness and itchiness, this aesthetic aspect can prove distressing for those who suffer from a dry scalp. In order to get back a healthy scalp and good looking hair, undergoing a suitable method, it can be easy in getting back on the road to healthy hair, with the good kind of shine.


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