How to Get Rid Of Oily Hair?

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There are different hair concerns which makes people being frustrated, like dandruff, hair loss, itching… Among all these problems, oily hair is definitely one of the messiest case. It can easily throw off the whole appearance and feel yucky throughout the day. If the problem left untreated, the situation will make even worse.


What Causes Oily Hair?

Before tacking with oily hair, we need to know the reason of why it causes. Oily hair usually occurs for three reasons: Hormone changes, scalp problem or daily habits. First of all, please be notified that it is normal for hair to secrete a little amount of oil. Every pore including scalp has a sebaceous gland which secrete an oily substance in giving the hair a natural shiny look. The substances are necessary for keeping the hair healthy and smooth, meanwhile preventing it from becoming dry and breaking. If it kicks into overdrive and produce an excess of oily substances, it will result in an overproduction of oil and cause greasy hair.

Hormonal imbalance or changes during puberty, pregnancy, and the menopause are usually some major reasons that change hair texture and secretion of oil. Hence, a stressful lifestyle that affect hormones will increase the rate of oil levels.

Another factor is because of daily diet. What we put into bodies doesn't only affect the weight, but also has an effect on hair and skin. A diet with too many processed fats and sugars can often lead to the skin creating excess oils, making the scalp and hair appear greasy. 

And of course, the frequency of washing hair, types of products use, how to style the hair will also contribute the the oiliness of hair. Hence, customers need to choose wisely according to their needs. Besides that, remember not to touch your hair so often with your fingertips, as it will distribute grease throughout the strands easily.


How to get rid of Oily Hair

First of all, be aware of your daily cleaning habits. Greasy hair is usually a cyclical problem. Over washing or excess scrubbing when washing hair will irritate the scalp and cause more oil secretion. Once you strip your hair of its natural oils, your scalp goes into oil production overload. Therefore, do not wash your hair too frequently like more than twice a day. During the wash, it is also more preferred to wash under cooler water for a minimum of 30 seconds first cleaning all dust and excess greasy. After using shampoo and conditioner, ensure they are out of the hair if the products are not guaranteed for leave-in use. The reason of using cool water is because heat will stimulate the sebaceous glands while cold water help closing cuticle and reduce damage to hair. Similar reasons also imply to use the heat tools for styling like hair straightener and the curling wand.

Secondly, using too much chemically manufactured products will make a great burden to the scalp, as well as producing excess grease. It is not necessarily to stop using styling products, but to choose the right ones with less irritating ingredients.

For those hormone problems, the best ways of improvements are by correcting daily habits. Do more exercise, eat less fat or meat but more vegetables, with enough rest, etc. An intake of a sufficient amount of Vitamins B can also help combat greasy hair as it is directly correlates with the level of sebum production.

Lastly, choose the suitable hair care products. There are some natural ingredients that are great in dealing with hair problems, especially greasy hair. For example, some essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus or tea tree oil can minimize oil buildup on the scalp, break down oily substances and clarify the pores on scalp. These are some natural way with a deep cleaning effect. Moisturizing, hydration and nourishment are also important in keep the scalp healthy with enough nutrition for hair build, natural ingredients such as avocado oil, aloe vera, coconut oil are some good options which may also promote circulation and great rebuild properties.

It is strongly advised not to use a chemical way in removing the grease as it will either cause more oil secretion due to a wrong signal from your body or totally block your glands. Choose products that can solve the problem in a mild way and if possible, a natural and organic way. If greasy hair problem still exists for a long period of time, it is better to contact with dermatologist.


Our recommendations

Zenz No.10 Eucalyptus Shampoo is probably the best shampoo for oily hair. It contains eucalyptus essential oil, which is a natural substance that has great antibacterial and degreasing effect. Hence, it can help removing grease in a very gentle way. The shampoo also contains cold pressed aloe vera extract and avocado oil. Aloe Vera contains more than 7 well-known and important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which can help rebuild hair, increase blood flow and retain scalp moisture and regulates the acid balance. The cooling effect can soothes redness and itching which can have a good effect on scalp.

Together with the use of No.11 Eucalyptus Conditioner which contains very rich avocado oil, it can perform the best in tackling with greasy hair by providing an excellent moisturising and nourishing properties and effective on problem skin. It can also make hair soft and more elastic, so as to a healthy hair and scalp.

Oily hair can be lifeless and very difficult to style. An even worse scenario is for the sebum glands to clog the hair roots, resulting in excessive hair loss and dandruff. So handle the problem carefully and start changing from daily habits if nightmare exists. Undergoing a suitable method, it can be easy in getting back on the road to healthy hair, with the good kind of shine.

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