6 Common Scalp Problems and Tips Against Them

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Many people suffer from dandruff, eczema, hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis and sensitive scalp due to styling products that are not washed out before bedtime, moist and warm scalp, dry scalp due to air conditioning or bad/wrong shampoo. It may cause dandruff, hair loss or itching on the scalp.


1. Dandruff

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is an overgrowth of yeast fungus. A high sebum production provides good breeding for increased fungal growth and a scalp with dandruff typically has an increased production of sebum, whose purpose is to naturally grease and protect our skin so it does not dry out.
 You can both have greasy or dry dandruff. It may be due to a reduced immune system after illness, medicine intake or hormones.

Tips Against Dandruff

It is important to create a good balance between moisture and cleansing and therefore, it may be a good idea to switch between two shampoos to create a healthy scalp environment.

If it does not disappear, you should take a short treatment with a prescription drug from the pharmacy. But try only to use it in difficult cases and for a short time as it does not balance but only degrades the fungus.


2. Psoriasis / Eczema

What is Psoriasis / Eczema?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that appears on the scalp or skin as red and very dry eczema.
 It can cause hair loss if it becomes too thick and hard as the scalp cannot transport oxygen to the hair follicles. This type of scalp requires a very mild shampoo that does not irritate. Most people with psoriasis have scalp lesions which may be the first place where psoriasis occurs.
 Usually, you notice loose scaling. Patches of eczema or psoriasis can be found everywhere on the scalp, but especially on the border of the surrounding skin, for example, in the forehead and at the ears. Like common psoriasis and eczema, scalp psoriasis is aggravated by alcohol.

Tips Against Psoriasis / Eczema

We recommend Pure shampoo no.01 and Pure conditioner no.02. During psoriasis outbreaks, use Pure oil treatment no.97. Apply the oil on the scalp or skin and allow it to work for up to 2 hours - preferably with a damp towel around. Wash it out again and distribute Pure shampoo no.01 in the hair before water, and then wash. Use Pure conditioner no.02 on the scalp and allow it to work for at least 2 minutes. For extra in-depth effect, allow the oil to work overnight.


3. Hair loss

What Causes Hair Loss?

Many people loose hair due to stress, perfumed styling, hair colour, scalp fungus, pregnancy / birth, hormone disturbances or medicine. If you suffer from hair loss and if the hair feels thin and sensitive, it is important that the hair has the right conditions for growth.

Tips Against Hair Loss

We always recommend Deep wood shampoo no.07 and conditioner no.08 against hair loss. Wash the hair at least every other day, preferably every day. In the evening, apply Pure oil treatment no.97 on the scalp where the hair loss is. Wash it out in the morning and distribute Deep wood shampoo no.07 in the hair before water and then wash the hair.


4. Sensitive scalp

Tips Against Sensitive Scalp

If you have very sensitive scalp and perhaps even sensitive skin, it is important to be particularly careful with scents and especially the natural ones. Use Zenz Pure line that is without essential oils and perfume. 
If possible, wash the hair and scalp clean of styling products before bedtime as styling products may irritate a sensitive scalp when you sweat and get warm.


5. Dry Scalp

Tips Against Dry Scalp

Dry scalp may be due to many things. A good conditioner moisturises both hair and scalp. If this is not enough, we recommend a Zenz oil of your choice. Add a few drops on your fingertips and massage the scalp. Allow the oil to work overnight and wash out.


6. Oily Hair

How is Oily Hair Classified?

Generally speaking, the hair is categorised as oily when it is washed in the morning yet coated by the evening. Such characteristic is common in Asia as the humidity and temperature are often high. Necessary precautions to avoid such outcome is important because not only will the appearance of an individual be affected, the formation of an oily scalp, or more seriously, Seborrheic Dermatitis may occur.

What Causes Oily Hair?

Predominantly, other than humidity, temperature and other environmental impacts that affect the scalp, another common component is the imbalance of hormones. This result is quite typical in the younger generation and the application of unsuitable products, e.g incorrect formulae for oil removal or hair care products with heavy toxic chemicals, only further contributes to the reverse effect of more oil excretion. Once the scalp has reached such state and in order to restore its original harmony, its demand for natural moisturisers and nutritions is indisputable.

Tips Against Oily Hair

Do remember not to over dry the scalp deliberately because excess dehydrated often results in even oilier skin as the brain will misinterpreted. Therefore, we highly recommend the application of products with mild and natural ingredients. Zenz Eucalyptus shampoo no.10 is a good choice as it contains eucalyptus, a natural ingredient that is anti-bacterial and oil absorbable by nature. Furthermore, it is rich in avocado essence and aloe vera, which collective provide the hair and the scalp the necessary nutritions in maintaining their shine and strength. Should the degree of oiliness be serious, it is recommended to apply the Eucalyptus conditioner no.11 after washing the hair twice. The nourishment of the conditioner will protect the hair and scalp from UV, pollution and air conditioning.


We recommend Deep wood shampoo no.07 and Deep wood conditioner no.08 against scalp problems. Wash your hair at least every other day, preferably every day. Distribute Deep wood shampoo no.07 in dry hair and wash. Then use Deep wood conditioner no. 08 on the scalp and let it sit for at least 2 minutes.

If you are scent-sensitive, we recommend Pure shampoo no.01 and /Pure conditioner no.02.

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