Use the Right Product for Your Hair Type

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Normal hair

Wash your hair approx. 3 times a week with a nourishing shampoo that gives the scalp a healthy and gentle cleansing.
 Use conditioner for extra care and protection of the hair strand. 
Always dry the hair carefully after wash so the scalp is not moist. Use a styling product that is suitable for the hairstyle and hair length, and apply hair treatment once a month.

Strong hair / Thick hair / Coarse hair

A thick hair can usually withstand more but it can also quickly look heavy. Therefore, it is important to keep it well-groomed and to use a shampoo that makes the hair extra shiny and smooth.
 Thick hair can, like the fine hair, quickly become flat and greasy. Shampoo no.10 contains antiseptic and nourishing oils that maintain a good moisture balance, stimulate scalp and hair follicles and also lift hair from the roots.

If your hair mostly needs moisture, Deep wood shampoo no.07 is a good choice for optimal care for both the thick hair and the scalp. Shampoo no.07 can, with its patchouli and wooden notes, close the strong hair strand and balance the scalp as well as the hair, and therefore, it is also an ideal shampoo for chemically treated hair.
Always finish with conditioner that helps ensure optimal care for the hair. For extra care, use a little bit of conditioner as leave-in.

As mentioned before, strong, thick and coarse hair can withstand more and it is important to nourish the hair with a hair treatment, preferably once a month. It helps to maintain the moisture balance and strengthen the hair strand so the hair can preserve shine and suppleness. Pure treatment no.03 can be used alone or mixed with an oil treatment of your choice. In this way, you get the right combination of active ingredients customised to the needs of your hair.


Fine Hair / Thin hair

Use the Right Product for Your Hair Type

Most women in Scandinavia have fine hair. Fine hair can be easy to style but usually gets a little flat. Therefore, Scandinavian hair needs a shampoo that adds texture and volume.
We recommend the Sweet sense line, which is a great volume and moisturising line with scent of mandarin.
If the hair easily gets greasy, we recommend instead the Eucalyptus line, which contains lovely eucalyptus that stimulates the hair follicles, gently cleanses and gives volume. If needed, mix the two lines with each other.

Use conditioner for shine and suppleness and to prevent static electricity in your hair.
 Use hair powder no.89 and salt water spray for styling, both provide volume and resistance to a smooth hair.

Smooth hair

Wash your hair approx. 3 times a week with a nourishing shampoo that gives the scalp a healthy and gentle cleansing.
 Use conditioner to avoid static electricity in your hair. Depending on your hair type, we recommend the lines: Sweet sense and Eucalyptus.

Both lines lift smooth hair that often needs volume.
 Always dry hair and scalp carefully after wash so the scalp is not moist. 
Comb your hair with Zenz boar bristle brush for good shine. 
Use a styling product that is suitable for the hairstyle and hair length, and apply hair treatment once a month.
Use hair powder no. 89 for styling as it gives volume and resistance to a smooth hair. 
Use a styling tool to provide texture and movement in a very smooth hair. Turn the styling tool vertically to get curl and texture instead of smoothing.

Curly hair / Wavy hair

Use the Right Product for Your Hair Type

Naturally curly hair requires some expertise. As beautiful as curls can be, as frizzy they can become unfortunately, when they do not get the proper care. It is easy to get beautiful hair with a shampoo specially designed to moisten and keep the curls well-groomed.
 We recommend the lines: Sweet sense and Deep wood. Both give great moisture to curly hair.

If you want optimal care for your curls, first use shampoo no.04 for washing and then conditioner no.08. After shampoo and conditioner, towel-dry your hair and then use no.08 again but as a leave-in conditioner. Work it into your hair, and then apply your styling product.
For a strong hair, we recommend the Deep wood line and eventually treatment no.03 as curling cream.

Short hair

Choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type and use conditioner or cider to nourish the hair and prevent hair from becoming flat and from static electricity. Use a styling product that is suitable for your hairstyle.

Long hair

For ultimate care and moisture in a long hair, mix styling gel no.12 with a Zenz oil of your choice.
 The same result is obtained in medium long as well as long hair.
For extra moisture, use conditioner and oil of your choice in the lengths and ends.
In a fine hair, use salt water spray in towel-dry or dry hair, and then hair powder no. 89 in both scalp and lengths for extra volume.

Coloured hair

Use the Right Product for Your Hair Type

In order to maintain a beautiful hair colour, the subsequent haircare is important. We recommend the Deep wood line for optimal strength and rebuilding of the colour treated hair. The products contain oils that protect and keep the hair strand closed so the colour does not fade. Always end the treatment with conditioner or treatment no.03.

A treated hair needs extra attention. To maintain the colour intensity and to strengthen the hair, 2-3 times a month use treatment no.03, which contain plenty of proteins and vitamins.

Permed hair

Use the lines: Sweet sense or Deep wood. Both are rich in moisture and give strength to a chemically treated hair. Always use conditioner, also as leave-in in towel-dry hair.
 Styling wax no.09 or styling paste no.06 are perfect as curling cream.

Greasy hair

Greasy hair is often caused by hormonal imbalance. It is typically seen in teenagers or when using a wrong shampoo, which makes the scalp try to balance by separating more sebum and grease.
 In case of scalp imbalances, it is important to create tranquillity in the scalp, for example by choosing the right products. The more you try to dry the scalp to clean the hair, the more grease / sebum, you will separate yourself. We recommend that you use Eucalyptus shampoo no.10, which is moisturising and cleansing. It contains eucalyptus, which is antibacterial and degreasing, but because the shampoo also contains plenty of avocado oil and aloe vera, it cleans and nourishes at the same time. Use Eucalyptus conditioner no.11 after 2 times washing.

Dry hair

Naturally dry hair needs moisture to get in balance. We recommend Pure shampoo no.01 or Sweet sense no.04. They are both rich in moisturising ingredients and strengthen the hair at the same time.
Finish with conditioner, if needed as leave-in, and give the hair a boost with treatment no.03, 1-2 times a month. If extra moisture is needed, mix Pure treatment no.03 with one of the 4 Zenz oils.

Split hairs

When a hair splits, it gets worn faster, breaks and becomes shorter. If necessary, use an intensive oil treatment that surrounds the hair and seals it so it does not split so easily. Distribute oil of your choice in dry / towel-dry hair and massage it into the hair. Wrap a towel around the hair and allow it to work up to 30 minutes. The treatment needs to be washed out. Use the treatment every 3 weeks and add a few drops of oil every day.

Damaged Hair

Always use conditioner after hair wash and use treatment every 3 weeks. 
Too much sun dries out the hair and makes the tips extremely dry. Therefore, we recommend to use protective sun oil, also when the damage has occurred. Use Zenz sun oil to prevent and to repair.

Naturally damaged hair

The essential for naturally damaged hair is moisture. If the hair is curly, a good rule is to use 3-4 times more care than for typical Scandinavian smooth hair. The reason is that the cuticle surface is open and therefore, the hair is naturally drier and requires more moisture. 
Chemically damaged hair

Chemical hair dye, highlights or perm. These are treatments that are particularly hard on the hair because they pull out all the proteins from the hair strand and leaves it thin and dull. The best thing for this type of damage is to give the hair a good protein treatment with plenty of moisture, for example treatment no.03, preferably mixed with No.97 Pure Oil Treatment.


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