Difference between Paste, Wax, Salt Water

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There are many styling products in the world, knowing all of them can be a confusing one and sometimes very frustrating, especially when we have chosen the products that cannot make our hair looks as what we want. No matter you are a newbie in styling your hair who even have never touched a hair product before, or you are an experienced user who has tried a lot, there is always still a room for you to learn when it comes to hair products.

You can always see different product names and types and it is actually quite difficult in finding the right styling products for your specific hair styling needs. Today, we have chosen 3 styling products which are not as common as pomade or clay, but yet a typical product in its category for different purpose. And they are: Salt Water, Paste and Wax.


Sea Salt Water Spray

When you need a styling product that is easy to use and quick to style, salt water is definitely your best option. The spray formula is usually very simple by mixing salt and additional conditioning compounds together. It can add grip and texture to the hair without weighing the hair down.

Salt water can help absorbing the natural oils in hair and that’s why we can still get texture, waves and volume after a day, this is the reason why it becomes more and more popular these days. Due to its versatility, sea salt spray works perfectly with various hair types to hair styling with or without a hair dryer and style.

If we use the spray without a hair dryer, it can give a relaxed and loose style, while by using a hair dryer, it can speed up the process and allow to work more volume into hair. Somebody says sea salt will dehydrate the scalp and damage hair. But usually, it will include some ingredients in helping hydrate, condition and protect the hair.


Hair Paste

Unlike the light texture of sea salt spray, paste will give a much thicker texture, holding power and nutrition to the hair. The texture of paste can range from something like a toothpaste to tacky glue, relevantly, it can provide a hold between medium to a very firm finishing, while it will show the hair with a natural matte finish or add a touch of shine.

With its diversity in nature, it is ideal for all hair lengths, types and styles. From short and fine hair to long and thick hair, from messy look to combed style, you can always find the suitable paste to use. Furthermore, it is always water-based and hence easy to wash out.

Unlike salt water that can be used directly on hair, we usually need to warm up before application. The key step is just as simple as rubbing the paste between fingers or palms. It can soften the product and make it more evenly distributed throughout the hair. Once it is applied and cooled down, your hair is styled in the way you want.


Hair Wax

If you think salt water and paste is not strong enough in holding your hair style, you may then consider to use hair wax for finishing. Hair wax, just like “wax” in its properties, it usually doesn’t give a shiny look and does not last for a very long time.

There can be different kinds of waxes to be used as basic ingredients, like beeswax, microcrystalline wax or Candelilla wax. The holding power and texture are usually based on a blend of waxes according to each hardness, stickiness and melting point.

After you have used salt water or paste as a foundation on hair styling, natural wax products can give you an extra hold with a strong and natural look. Just like hair paste, rub it (more vigorously) between palms before applying to hair. Apply more or less to get the texture you need and be aware that it should only be used on totally dried hair.

No matter what kind of hair styling products do you usually use, it is important to choose those with less chemical as it will make a larger burden to your scalp and check whether the ingredients will easily cause allergy before buying. Must wash the hair thoroughly after using styling products, otherwise the residues might block the hair follicle and cause different scalp problems like dandruff and itchy scalp.


Our recommendations

Zenz No.14 Pure Salt Water Spray is designed to give your hair an amazing ‘beach look’ with great texture and volume. It makes your hair easy to style so it stays in place. The hair will not feel dry with organic avocado oil and a natural content of French Mediterranean Sea salt. Hence, it will be the easiest way in getting a matt and wavy look.

Zenz No.06 Pure Styling Paste is awarded as the best skin friendly product for man in 2016 and Danish beauty award in 2011. It helps easy styling without fragrance and give a very natural hold and structure. It contains beeswax and soothing natural ingredients which provides structure moisture and volume at the same time.

Zenz No.09 Pure Styling Wax contains a list of nourishing natural ingredients like beeswax, almond oil and shea butter that have softening, moisturizing and rebuilding properties. It can give the hair structure and extra hold.

Zenz can surely provides you the best organic styling products in the city. All of the products mentioned above are awarded “AllergyCertified” which guarantees not having any allergenic preservatives and is ideal for everyone to use even to pregnant women, children and scent-sensitive people.

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