How to Take Care of Bleached Hair?

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People usually want to have a new image when facing new changes. Some people choose changing the styling by clothing, make-ups and for some people, having a new hairstyle is surely another representation of new beginnings. People might choose simply as a haircut, or more changes of appearance like hair curling or straightening, while others might choose to dye hair or another way of changing hair color, that is what we are talking today – hair bleaching.

Before knowing how to take care of bleached hair, we need to first know what is hair bleaching, how does it work and why do people choose to bleach hair instead of dying hair. Hair bleaching is actually a way to remove hair’s natural pigment or any other artificial colour from previous dying.

The agent that usually uses for hair bleaching call hydrogen peroxide. During and after bleaching, the hair cuticles open up and make the hair looks fuller and bigger. With the open cuticles, the chemicals can then get to the core of hair and dissolve the melanin of the any color pigments on your hair. The longer you leave this agent in your hair, the lighter in color your hair becomes. People who choose bleaching is usually because it is the only way to achieve a lighter hair colour if the hair is naturally dark.

Basically, opening up cuticles makes hair strands thinner, more sensitive and more prone to breakage. That’s why bleached hair is crunchier and more brittle. It has changed the porosity and elasticity of the hair. Be aware that bleaching is permanent. It’s not like hair dye that fades back to the natural hair colour. If you want to get rid of your bleached hair, you’ll have to wait for it to grow out and then you can snip away. And yes, bleaching, in other words, is damaging, but there are many ways to ensure that you don’t further damage it afterwards.


How to take care of bleached hair?

As hair bleaching has made damages to hair, what the most important thing to do is repair the hair and make it back to a less unhealthy status. It can be done simply by have an oil treatment with olive, coconut, or avocado oil. Wrap your head with towel after applying oil and let the oil stay over night, then rinse it out in the morning. It can add deep-penetrating moisture to the hair shaft. A leave-in conditioner can also provide a similar effect. Both of them help hydrate and protect roughed-up cuticles from the elements. It can also make strand shiny again and keep frizz at bay.

It needs extra care for the first few days after bleaching. Be gentle with your hair when towel-drying as it is especially vulnerable to breakage in a wet condition. Better stay away from heat tools like straightener, blow dryers or curling irons as it will increase the burden of hair repairing. Protect your hair from UV sunlight in preventing the change of colour. Taking supplements like hair-strengthening vitamins and omega 3. It can help transform your hair from the inside out and may an improvement in your new hair growth.

All of these may sound discouraging, but if you’re still wondering, remember that hair will eventually grow back and your damaging hair will be cut off eventually. Even though the time may take a while, but it’s often worth the wait. Especially when the trade-off is an awesome platinum blonde look.


Our recommendations

In order to maintain a beautiful hair colour, the subsequent haircare is important. We recommend the Deep wood line for optimal strength and rebuilding of the damaged hair. To maintain the bleaching effect and to strengthen the hair, 2-3 times a month use treatment no. 03, which contain plenty of proteins and vitamins.

It is no doubt that Zenz can provide you the best organic hair treatment. Zenz No.03 Pure Treatment is very rich in organic cold-pressed avocado oil and aloe vera, it can provide an excellent nourishing effect and help rebuild hair. The cooling effect from aloe plants can also sooths the redness and itching as well as damage to hair by bleaching. Zenz No.97 Pure Oil Treatment is another good choice for repairing. Besides avocado oil, it also contains apricot kernel oil and almond oil which has great nourishing and soothing properties and are rich in vitamins and minerals. It can strengthen hair, scalp, hair follicles and protect them from damage and abrasion.


It is always good to have a different brand new look, what we need to consider before changing the look is make sure that you have chosen the way suitable for you and even if it might cause some down side effect, find the best way in treating the hair healthily and beautifully.

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