What Does Damaged Hair Look Like?

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When your hair becomes dull, frizz or having a coarse texture, do you think it is just because of dry hair? It is true that when your hair and scalp is dry, the above symptoms occur, but when it comes together with an easily broken hair when pulled or having a visible split ends or even your dry hair is accompanying by white flakes of skin, you are probably having a damaged hair. 

When we talk about damaged hair, we should first know why this happened. Simply speaking, hair damage when parts of the hair structure are altered and weakens hair that makes hair feels and looks unhealthy. In normal hair, the hair cuticle is the outermost part which is formed from dead cells. It is the hard layer that protects your hair shaft and when your hair becomes damaged, the cuticle will slowly wear away. The core will then expose and vulnerable to snapping and when the hair snaps off or split off, it looks dull and frizzy.

There are different reasons that can make you hair damaged. Some of them are inevitable like wind, sunlight, UV rays, pollutions etc., while more of that are from daily habits, for example, frictions or using high pH value products. All of these will make the hair become duller and unmanageable; hair dying, perms or any heat tools will cause the hair breaks easily and have split ends. Improper washing and drying, grooming, styling, and chemical/coloring services will also damage the hair structure.

If you want to know whether yourself is having a damaged hair, here is a simple way of judgment. If your hair is slightly damaged, it is usually dry with less shine, the colour is duller and have a thinner hair ends. If the situation becomes more serious, it will have a rougher texture and a dull appearance, the colour balance is more uneven and a more serious split ends. It is because the external layer is scraped off and the internal cortex is then unprotected and vulnerable to damage in the hair fiber. If the hair’s surface texture becomes very coarse and completely out of shininess, together with serious split ends, it means your hair is very damaged, whereas part of the cuticle might have already withered away completely. Then, please take a treatment as soon as possible.

In general, if you have the following symptoms on your hair, it is time to alert whether your hair is damaged or not. Unhealthy hair usually has a rough texture, lack of shininess and luster, have split ends, lack of moisture and elasticity even after treatment and easily broken. Damaged hair will also get tangled up and result in knots due to hair dryness. If damaged hair is not treated well, it will result in hair breakage, in other words, hair loss.


How to treat damaged hair?

First, it can simply be done by improving daily habits. Having a balanced diet that loaded with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains has a host of benefits, including healthy hair. Biotin, vitamins A and C, and iron are all important for building strong and luscious hair. Protect hair from the sun by wearing a hat or using a UV protection product can make your hair less brittle so as to less prone to breakage.

Second, be aware of the methods and products you use for daily care and hair styling especially when your hair is already damaged. Try to avoid using hot styling tools like straightener, curly tools or even hair dryer as heat will make a larger burden to your damaged hair. Stop putting chemicals and hair dye or bleach on your hair with a similar reason.

Third, choose the products that is good for your hair and scalp. Select those with a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients. Even the chemically made products can help you cleanse the hair well, it will also strip away the nutrition and moisture for hair. A regular oil treatment can provide a deep nourishing and moisturizing effect which will help your hair looks shiny and healthy. As oil can give a protective barrier around the cuticle and nourishes the hair shaft.


Our recommendations 

If your hair is already damaged, it is important to take care of it by providing enough nutrition and nourishing substances. Zenz’s conditioner is probably the best conditioner for damaged hair. Zenz 08 Deep Wood conditioner is surely the product you are finding. The content is made by very rich cold-pressed avocado oil and aloe vera, which are both contain plenty nutrition like Vitamin A, B1, B2, D. It can give an excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties and make hair having a good elasticity. The minerals aloe vera Helps rebuild skin and hair, increases blood flow, retains skin moisture and regulates the acid balance. Hence, it is ideal for damaged hair. Together with the essential oil derived from organic sandal wood, organic cedar wood, myrrh and organic patchouli. These essential oils help cure skin infections and prevent itching. It also has the properties of anti-inflammatory, antifungal. Hence, it can help balancing the fungus produced that triggers dandruff or itchy scalp.

It is also recommended to use Zenz No.03 Pure Treatment or Zenz No.97 Pure Oil Treatment which are both great for hair and scalp repairing, as they have great nourishing and soothing properties derived from natural ingredients which can strengthen hair, scalp, hair follicles and protect them from damage and abrasion. Simply speaking, the most important thing is to use the conditioner every day and possibly the treatment every three weeks.

Once it happens, it happens. You can never undo hair damage once it’s done. But remember treating damaged hair is not something that can be done overnight, or even in a week, you can always change your habits and give your hair some extra care and ultimately revive your hair. If you aren’t seeing results after a few weeks, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.

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