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Each individual’s perception of “beauty” vary, however, products of high quality will always bear a long-lasting image, regardless of time. In the past century, the succinct Danish design has produced numerous outstanding creations that reflect a Nordic sense of purity as well as the unique characteristic of the each designer. For some people, in the respect for life together with the tenacity of tradition, Nordic design reflects a balance between intellect and emotion” and thus exhibiting the paramount perfection at equilibrium. 

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Fashion trends variegate over time, but the synonym for “classic” is eternal. Irrespective of time, classic designs will always release an indelible attraction, and “simplicity is beauty” may probably be one of the most receptive perception of aesthetics. Dieter Rams, one of the most influential designers in the 20th century, shares a similar opinion. Throughout his whole career “less but better” represents his philosophy of fine art and with this concept in mind, he has created various simple yet practical products. His 10 synopsis of fine art design are:


  1. Good design is innovative(Gutes Design ist innovativ.)
    Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. But innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself.
  2. Good design makes a product useful(Gutes Design macht ein Produkt brauchbar.)
    Good design emphasises the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it.
  3. Good design is aesthetic(Gutes Design ist ästhetisch.)
    The aesthetic design of a product brings pleasure to the user, reflecting the perfect balance between aesthetics and mechanics.
  4. Good design makes a product understandable(Gutes Design macht ein Produkt verständlich.)
    Good design allows the products to talk, enabling the users to comprehend the underlying meaning in the framework.
  5. Good design is unobstructive(Gutes Design ist unaufdringlich.)
    Products are not just decorative objects, good design can stimulate the user’s perception of beauty and practicality.
  6. Good design is honest(Gutes Design ist ehrlich.)
    Products should not exaggerate its innovation and functionality, nor should they promise whatever that cannot be fulfilled.
  7. Good design is long-lasting(Gutes Design ist langlebig.)
    Good design isn’t created for the sake of fashion thus they never appear antiquated.
  8. Good design is thorough down to the last detail(Gutes Design ist konsequent bis ins letzte Detail.)
    Design requires logic and accuracy, thus a timely completion of the products is a respect to the consumer.
  9. Good design is environmental friendly(Gutes Design ist umweltfreundlich.)
    The lifecycle of the product should minimize pollution, preserving the Earth positively and protecting one’s country.
  10. Good design is as simple as possible(Gutes Design ist so wenig Design wie möglich.)
    Concentrate the core of the product in its own quality, resuming a simple and pure status.



As a Danish brand, Zenz has maintained the ideologism of Scandinavian design, crafting products of simple and elegant outline with superior functionality and shape. Simply take their shampoo as an example. The oval-like design of the packaging edges smoothly into shape and entrusts a sense of nature. Its functionalities are easily comprehensive; the aperture of the bottle is small so to better control each excretion; the dominant colors are black and white, which complement the green environmental-friendly label and distinguish each product distinctively in their simplest beauty; the materials of each packaging are biodegradable, and by refraining from unnecessary details environmental damages are reduced.

ZENZ - Elegant Outline with Superior Functionality and Shape 3

Apart from the appearance of the products, focuses also concentrate on the well-being of the consumers.  Zenz’s range of organic hair care products has obtained the Nordic Swan Label (Nordic Eco-label). The original ingredients are more than 99% from natural and organic raw materials with no harmful chemicals added and thus suitable for everyone. The Pure series, in particular, has further acquired the Allergycertified, confirming no allergenic substances exist, hence applicable for any hair types and people with sensitive skin.

There is no right or wrong guideline for true “beauty”. Most importantly, we select, through scrutiny, products with quality, consequently reflecting our attitude towards lifestyle.

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